Week 1 Complete

Day 6. I did it! 1 whole week! 1 mile every day for a week. Tomorrow I rest. I have an exciting day tomorrow!! It’s the It Works Green Carpet, which I’m super sad I could not make it there in person. *Cue the water works* But I get to watch the event live and my team who is attending knows I’m there in spirit.Next year when Liam is older and we live IN FLORIDA the drive to Tampa won’t be a big deal.

But today I am getting my bathroom cleaned, some laundry done, coaching my team, and maybe even having coffee on the porch later and watching the rain. I almost never check the weather, but it looks like it will rain. Ha!

For lunch I’m planning a big salad and dinner will be baked chicken with quinoa and corn. I’ve been doing really well with my nutrition, and making it a point to remember my Greens and Thermofit. All in all, despite a birthday week, it’s been a good week! I’m proud of myself. Next week I up my mileage to 1.25 a day. Wish me luck!!

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  1. You’ve got this! So proud of you!

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