New Beginnings

So…. I realize no sooner did I commit to a daily blog than I fall right off that wagon!

But here I am, and my word today that I’m meditating on is Grateful. I’m ALWAYS grateful for new beginnings, new days, new weeks, new friendships… I love clean slates and starting over.

Last night middle Tennessee was witness to some incredible thunderstorms! The thunder was louder than any I’ve heard and the lightning flashes were constant. And it lasted sooooo long!! Had it been during more forgiving hours I would have enjoyed it, but it was in the middle of the night and I’d already had a very long day. I would have loved sleep a bit more.

But when we woke up and the world was quiet and the grass and streets were glistening clean with water, sparkling in the sun, I had to admit full appreciation for nature’s way of creating new beginnings.

And today as I look at myself, having been disappointed with my diet over the holiday, or my lack of work outs, or even my performance with work or parenting or house chores, it all just disintegrates into the realization that I can just start over. I can do better today. I can have a better attitude, or a better focus, and just be better today than I was yesterday. I can just write a blog post even though I missed quite a few days. I can just choose a healthier lunch instead of the carb heavy pasta I ate yesterday. I can drink my greens and get my vitamins and probiotic in instead of skipping and giving in to the energy crash.

Anything we want, we can be! We can go out and do! We don’t have to be defeated by yesterday, we can just start over! 13625183_1837465039814722_165257754_n13582408_1837465033148056_292118281_o