If you followed my journey back in 2014, you would have heard me talk about the scale and how it’s my nemesis. Me and the scale go way back, and it’s never been a happy relationship. The scale always told me I am 20ish pounds heavier than I feel I look and it has really messed with my self worth through the years.

We are a society that measures beauty on the scale. I hate it, and there are a lot of great people out there working to change that, but for now it’s still true. Beauty and self worth cannot be quantified. They can’t be measured on a scale and they can’t be charted on the BMI chart. (Which, by the way, the BMI chart is the scale’s best friend, and they are both a couple of mean girls!)

I just got on the scale this morning. At this point I really don’t put a lot of stock in it, but it can be motivating for me when I keep it in perspective. I’ve been fluctuating between 227 and 220 for several months now. The last couple weeks I’ve been on the upper end of that and had to do some self scrutinizing, which led to my new resolve to be more disciplined with my eating habits and run my mile every day. My weight has been inching down this week, which is good, but it still isn’t to my lowest post 4th baby weight of 218 or my pre pregnancy weight of 215.

Now, my point to all this is not to obsess over numbers. My point is that all those numbers above are big numbers. I’m 5’8″ and turning 31 tomorrow. I’ve had 4 full term births and I’m a busy mom of 3 living children with a home based business. When I looked like this, I was 215 pounds:




That is in the “obese” range for my height. Clearly I was not obese 2 years ago, in fact I was the healthiest and fittest I have ever been!

Fast forward 2 years and another baby later, and I’m practicing daily habits that are even better than 2 years ago, I’m just waiting for my body to catch up. The scale mocks my efforts. It would throw my self esteem right out the window if I let! But I learned quite a while back that the scale DOES in fact lie, and quite frequently. It doesn’t commend you for drinking plenty of water that day, or building new muscle or having healthy babies and breast feeding them (which requires growth of breast tissue, by the way). So I take pictures and measure. I take note of how I feel. Long story short, I keep it all in perspective.

So this morning, as I was looking in the mirror and feeling a little down about the slowness of my journey, I realized I had not taken pictures in a while and I snapped a few shots and then scrolled ALL THE WAY BACK to the beginning of the year, back to when I started getting serious again about life improvement – physically, mentally, financially, all of it!


Yes, I have a long way to go. I go back to my mantra. “It’s a journey, not a race.” But today I’m grateful for progress, even if it sneaks up on you, it’s still progress. I’m grateful for my business that has helped me surround myself with amazing, motivating, positive people!! I’m thankful for the products that have made this journey, slow as it is, much quicker than my last post partum journeys.And I’m thankful for perspective.