When What You Love Doesn’t Work

5 Days!!

I’m not gonna lie, folks, when I made this resolution it was kind of spur of the moment and I was not even really sure it would stick! I’ve made resolutions, I’ve kick started fitness plans. A few have lasted, many more have not and there really isn’t any magic formula for what works and what doesn’t. When I started my resolution at the end of 2013, it lasted over a year and was fueled by a love of HIIT workouts. This time around I started with the idea that I’d jump right back into that style of workout, especially since I did them through my last pregnancy, but I just have not been able to get myself into them. I’ve been doing Yoga and really enjoy that, especially for the back problems I’ve had post partum, but I needed some cardio and running seems to feel right. Which is weird, because historically I HATE running.

So I guess my realization for today is, if something isn’t working, don’t just give up. Try something else! Try something you tried before and it didn’t work before, it may work this time! Really anything that gets you moving is a step in the right direction. Get up every day and push past the excuses. Today is my birthday AND it stormed half the day, I thought I had a pass, but when the sun came out this afternoon that pesky little voice urged me outside to run. And you know what? I took pride that it’s my 5th day in a row and loved that the weather was a little cooler. I enjoyed myself. I am glad I put my 15 minutes in.

You never regret having done a workout. Once you get past the first 5 minutes and the endorphin starts surging, you remember why you do this.


Happy 5 days in a row on my 31st birthday! Happy making good on my resolution! Here’s to making my 30’s FANTASTIC!!