2.0 Round 2 Done and Beginning the Mini Challenge (With Pics)

I know, long time no write. Sorry. I started prioritizing sleep, which meant sacrificing precious time in the early morning that I was awake and alone. My computer doubles as my son’s educational morning cartoons and my afternoon while he’s napping is spent doing other things besides typing on the computer, so blog time has become scarce. However, I’m still (surprisingly to myself) here, still fairly motivated, and while I missed quite a few days toward the end of 2.0 Round 2, I am proud to say I finished! I long ago stopped taking measurements as my pregnancy makes any data skewed, but I am 16 weeks pregnant and my weight has been maintained up to this point. I am still fluctuating between 2 pounds lower and my starting weight for this challenge.

I had minimal morning sickness, in fact you could barely call it sickness, just a few food aversions, and mostly I was just very fatigued and needed extra sleep. I have continued to eat very clean, except for the first trimester mac n cheese cravings, and have continued to make hydration a priority.

I have renewed my resolve to complete the current 4 week mini challenge and directly following this post plan to work on day 2. I’m very motivated by my great results this far. These include not just maintaining my weight, but feeling energy, strength, and NO LOWER BACK PAIN for the first time in pregnancy. I am excited to stay fit during the treacherous Holiday season and super excited for the release of 3.0 in January. I have already been finding the need to heavily modify a lot of the routines, but this hasn’t been hard. I mostly just sub out certain moves for ones that are more belly friendly or take a few more rests. Mostly I just listen to my body, but I’m still finding an immense amount of support by doing the challenges in real-time with everyone else in the community and checking into the Facebook page daily. I can’t believe I’m approaching the half way point of my pregnancy and still feeling this motivated on a daily basis.

Here are my most recent pictures, taken this morning. 🙂