The Little Voice Made Me Do It

Day 2 of my no more excuses resolution and can you guess what my sorry self tried to do?? Uhg! I’m beginning to think we are excuse makers by nature or something.

See, yesterday as I was sweating my life away running the loop around our ample parking lot at the apartment complex I live in, I thought, “I can do this. This is just like a track at a school, I can do this…”

Then I woke up this morning and saw the maintenance staff towing some poor guy’s car away, and I remembered they were starting the pavement resealing project that they were going to do last week when the storms interrupted it. And my beautiful little loop was taped off on both ends.

Isn’t it amazing how something so simple can play tricks with your mind? Seeing that yellow tape fluttering in the breeze, I was just like, nope. Can’t. Then, as the sun climbed higher and all semblance of coolness left the earth and the acrid smell of fresh asphalt permeated everything, I kept hearing the little voice saying, “Really, Tosh?? It’s only day 2! It’s not even raining, girl!” So I mixed up some Greens and drank them, thinking that would quiet the little voice… it did not.

Crap! So after feeding my kids and before nap time was fully upon us, I threw on my running shoes and looking ridiculous, I ran kind of a modified T shape in the piece of the parking lot that was still accessible. And you know what?? It was hot as Hades! And one of my neighbors walked by shaking his head and said, “It’s way too hot to exercise!” and I said, “I agree!” But I kept running, and 16 minutes later I was done! Boom! My mile was in and I didn’t die. And bonus points, I ate a salad for lunch and have already drank over half my water for the day. I’m calling today successful!13664842_1839234466304446_914440516_n


The kiddos wanted in on my sweaty selfie, which always makes for a beautiful blurry photo with no smiles/weird faces.