I enjoy creative writing, always have. I think everyone has a story to tell. I think everyone has a unique perspective to contribute to this life and I believe everyone has the ability to help their fellow human beings with their experiences and add flavor to every day living.

 I have been inspired to start this blog after enjoying my mother’s on a daily basis and truly getting both satisfaction and edification from reading her perspective of stories I thought I knew very well. I am by no means a wise person, but I have seen wisdom, and I am not an old person, but I have experienced many things in my short life. I embrace learning in every form and hope that I continue learning until I leave this Earth. I believe we can all learn from even the most seemingly insignificant things.

 I hope that in reading my perspective you can learn something, even something small, but mostly I hope you find it entertaining and worth your while. Thankyou for indulging my creative flow in this new channel of expression.