A New Year…

 So, it has been a while since I blogged.

I’ve been busy working out in “the real world” for several months before and through Christmas. It was good, it gave us a little extra room in our budget to spend on the holiday and it taught me a lot about the current, evolved me. In short, I realized my priorities are far different from what they used to be, and my desires to be a mom and house keeper are a much better partner for my desires to be a better Christian than working in a restaurant as a server. I also realized how much I had enjoyed my reconnection with art and creativity because I couldn’t really find the time or drive to continue being creative when I was working.

So, with all these things figured out and the fact that my tips in Bowling Green are pitiful compared to the other places I have worked, Josh and I agreed that I would be better off taking care of my home, my baby, and working on building my home business. No more juggling the car and our schedules to make sure we both get to work on time and Faith is cared for! 🙂

Speaking of Faith…

Those of you who are Facebook friends know that she is growing way too fast for my liking. Walking, talking, potty training, full pony tails, and she’s only 17 months going on 5! I can hardly believe it. I knew they grew fast, but especially 2010 seemed to zoom by and now here we are in 2011. It’s enough to take my breath away.

Josh is doing well, his job with C-Worth as a restaurant equipment salesman/distributor is going well and it is fabulous to see him less stressed and with more time to spend with us. Now that I’m not working nights, we can resume treasured family moments like putting our Little Bit to bed together. She’s really good with bed time. When she’s tired (at 8:30 pm, like clock work) she announces that she wants to go night-night and starts to climb the stairs. I usually take her up first to brush her teeth and Daddy comes up a few minutes later, but she always gets half way up the stairs, looks back, and calls “Daddy! Dada!” until he answers that he’s coming. We brush teeth, then we go into her room to say good night to Winston, her sock monkey. (Yup, she’s still crazy about him, he’s her favorite stuffed animal.) Josh and I kiss him and hug him and say, “good night, Winston…” and then she grabs him and squeezes him and kisses him right on the red mouth. Lately she’ll hold him back a little ways, look him in the eye, and jabber something unrecognizable, then she’ll say, “night-night” and kiss him, then hand him to Daddy to put in her crib. It melts our hearts! Then she get’s kisses and hugs, tucked under the quilt Grammie made for her, and we say prayers. She always listens for Josh to say, “… in Jesus name…” and then she shouts “Amen!” It’s like she is racing to say it first. Then we put on her music in her cd player and she cuddles Winston and goes to sleep with out a whine or a whimper. Every time I dim her light and close the door all I can think is what a good baby she is and what on Earth will I have to endure down the road to make up for how good she has been up until now.

It’s moments like these that so many people take for granted. The little things, the sweet moments… they fade quickly and babies grow and before you know it, those moments are gone forever and you can never get them back. So we enjoy each one and I’m very happy that I don’t have to miss them while working a night shift anymore.

I have quite a few hopes and goals for 2011. I did not make any official resolutions, but I’m working every day to accomplish several things. Among them, the ever-present “eat better and get fit”, house keeping goals, artistic goals, paying off debt and becoming more self-sufficient. Ultimately, we want to get back to our roots, have a little fam, some garden, and we hope that the end of this year will find us in a house of our own on a little patch of land big enough to have a few animals and do a little hunting, but it may be next year. We just have to wait and see how much debt our tax return can eliminate.

I want to write a little more frequently than I have been, create something to post on Skye Blue at least once a week, and possibly open an online store on Etsy in the next few months. For once, I know exactly what I want to do with my life as far as job and income are concerned, and I’m determined to make it happen. Where there’s a will, there is a way, and I have a will to work from home building my own business. So, be prepared to see a lot of my work floating around the Facebook feeds! 😀 And if you don’t mind, tell your friends about me the next time they mention ideas for a unique gift. I’d really appreciate it!