No More Excuses!

So, I’m not sure that it’s a big secret, but I have not been super happy with my fitness routine lately. I mean, I started this blog back up to keep me motivated and accountable, and I can’t even seem to remember to blog. I know, it’s pathetic!

But I had a moment today, and I snapped a picture and captioned it with this:

“That moment you realize that having no time, or the mid day heat, or a bad back (that hasn’t gone out in months), or no sitter for the kids – those are all just excuses! YOU have the power to change your reality, Natasia!! You have the ability to put the kids on the porch to play and watch you while you run around the parking lot at home. You don’t need a gym, you don’t even need to drive to the park! Now fill up your water cooler and and stop crying about your circumstances!”


Don’t laugh at my non bicep!! Ha!

I’m fairly sure that most people I know would have their eyes bug out when they look at my life and then hear me say I am just making excuses. I mean, my own husband had that reaction. (He’s a gem! He knows what I deal with every day and thinks I keep the world itself spinning in motion.) But I have been!

At the end of the day, the only one I have to blame for not producing results is me! I could cut out way more cheat meals, I could get up and be more active, I could manage my time better and definitely watch even less TV. There! I said it! I’m being straight up honest here!!

I definitely can’t go to the gym most days, and I definitely have lots on my plate with kids and my business and another year of home school right around the corner, but lately I’ve been focusing on what I CAN do in my business, and I’m just going to bring that right into my fitness routine, or rather, lack there of.

I CAN run a mile every day. 15 minutes. That’s it! I can survive 15 minutes, so can the kids. Running will help me take in the water, and I find I make better food choices when I’m well hydrated, and I’ll be setting the example for my kids that is super important to me.

When  I’m actively exercising I think about this blog, and it will help me reach that goal too! So here I am! I just started. No more excuses. I didn’t even wait for Monday. Now, I’m off to shower and make a salad.