Heat Wave and Other Updates

We are having a heat wave here in Middle Tennessee. At 9 am it was 91 degrees! Despite that, I did get my mile in yesterday. I have yet to do 1.25. My kids were being little boogers and fighting loudly on the porch. Living in an apartment community, I try to have them keep it down. It’s not always possible.

Tuesdays are grocery day around here, and we were up extra early fighting through traffic in downtown Nashville this morning. We had to pick up my hubby’s Jeep where he’d left it the night before when he drove home my BRAND NEW MINIVAN!! Yup, still excited about that!!13820781_1842803452614214_1730968901_n

I am now waiting for the weather to cool just a little more and I promise, I’m running tonight. I did fall back into a little carb habit over the weekend. I found out some unexpected and momentarily stressful news. It’s stressful for now, but in the long run it’s going to turn out great for my family, my work, and definitely the kids. We will be moving to a house here in town. We have just out grown the tiny 2 bedroom apartment and need more space and a yard. We thought our next move could be to Florida, but with a new home school ¬†year approaching, we definitely need the space and ability to put the kids in separate rooms. I’ve already begun the packing and purging process.


So my daily blogging goal may be more like every 2 days, but I’m still committed to it! It is definitely helping me stay accountable. Just pray the stress and carbs don’t find me!!