Just Start

3rd day in a row that I didn’t allow myself to make excuses!! Can I just take a sec to give myself a big hand?? *Claps hands in an epic slow clap*

I actually had a legitimate excuse that I was ok with today. It’s grocery day! That’s always a crazy day for me. But I ended up getting up earlier and starting a good hour and a half earlier than usual so not only did I get groceries done, I got some house chores done too! Which put me at the deep heat of the afternoon and there I sat, with free time on my hands.

Well, I’ve never been big on waste, so I got my running shoes on and despite the 92 degree heat and 46% humidity and super fresh asphalt in its deep black and pungent glory, I actually did my best run time. I’m already feeling better and stronger and with every day the excuses get weaker and my will gets mightier!!

I know this blog is helping. I don’t know if anyone is really reading it, (except you mom!! I know you are reading it!! I heart you!!) but writing it down every day is helping me be accountable, knowing SOMEONE might be watching. You may be at a really low time where motivation is hard to come by and you are trying to muster up the courage to start.

Just start!! Do it! That’s the first step! I promise you, this has not been easy for me! Every second of that first run was grinding on every nerve in my body and begging me to go back to the excuses. Just keep running! I came to a point today where I normally stop running and begin a walk break and on only day 3 I realized I did not NEED to stop, I kept running a whole other lap. Just 2 days ago I did not think that would be possible.

Surprise yourself! Just start. I just keep telling myself, “It’s only one mile, it’s only 15 minutes.”


Our sweaty selfie! You can’t tell how sweaty and out of breath I am, but I promise you I was!