Plans (Note: don’t mind my bumbling in the dark.:D)

As many of you know, I have been marketing and selling my art work for about a year now. I have been amazed, excited, and humbled by how well I’ve done, all things considered. It started as a hobby and now I am seriously researching the development of my business. How hard can that be? You put product up where it will be seen and you put a price on it, right?


Since I started with a hobby in mind, I did not really research all the points I should have that regard marketing and the business side. This isn’t so bad, I find that many things in my life seem to start out backwards and they almost always turn themselves around the right way before it’s over. However, I’m at a point where I need to really start getting serious if I want to see serious results. This is good, this does not intimidate me, it exhilarates me because I finally know, at almost 26 years old,  just what I want to do in the way of job and income long-term.

I really want to accomplish so much more than just creating and selling art, though. I want to be that business where when you purchase something from me, you feel like you got a superior product for an amazing price. I want to connect with my customers and be more than just “an artists I bought a piece of art from”, I want to build relationships. I don’t want to be that annoying online business that sends out emails every other day and posts on their Facebook wall about their product until when you see their avatar you just automatically scan over them or worse, delete them.

That being said, I am trying really hard to find new and interesting ways to connect and market and promote. Since setting up shop on Etsy I have learned so much from other small businesses and online shoppers. I really admire all the unique and handmade items I’ve seen and I’m striving to be just as unique in my own field.

I will be taking some time out all this next month of April, mainly to move my household once more,( this time at least we’re getting a bigger house with more room to create and be productive) but also to work on my new business and give it some TLC. I want to be a little more organized, a little less all over the place, figure out my short-term and long-term goals, work out my exact costs to price tag ratio, and work on new items and new kinds of items. I’ll have my Etsy shop on vacation mode for all of April, but I’ll be back at the beginning of May, hopefully with a clearer vision and consistent direction.

Feel free to keep up with me on Facebook and leave any suggestions about what you’d like to see me do. I love feed back!

"In Spite of the Pain" (SOLD)

Life Goes On

 I haven’t written for a little while and I find that I am very busy these past weeks with a little of everything. I guess it is time to implement the “short little update post”. I find that even when I have a moment to think about something to write, I don’t have the time to get embroiled in a long post.

I have been painting lately, of course, and this past weekend marks the very first time my work has been publically displayed in a local event. I’m looking forward to showing my work again soon, there are several art fairs coming up and I’m excited to set up a table and reach out to a wider spectrum of viewers and potential buyers.

Besides art, I have an amazing little eight month old to keep up with. Faith continues to grow way too fast and has started saying some words. Mama, Da-da, bite, and ba-ba are used quite often and are now distinctly recognizable. I sat her in her high chair earlier and Josh, who was at work, had parked his motorcycle on the back patio. She could see it through the sliding glass door and she got all excited and said, “Da-da!” while jumping in her chair. She is so sweet. She LOVES her Daddy.

The rest of my time has been dedicated to gardening, driving, house keeping, driving, yard work, healthier eating and a new exercise regime, and driving. We continue to live in the car a lot as my wishes and obligations take me all over Kentucky and into Tennessee. Thankfully, I usually don’t mind a nice drive and Faith loves taking trips. She is the best baby when it comes to car rides, she barely ever fusses, even when she’s been in her seat for hours and she’s over due a feeding of some sort. I couldn’t ask for a better little trooper.

I had the pleasure of an over night visit from my mom and Nevada the other day. My mom hasn’t been able to get back down to Bowling Green since the day we moved in. (About 7 months.) It was nice to have a little visit in my own home and I had fun cooking meals I don’t normally cook. My drab, leftover odds and ends, cold out of the fridge, were not to be seen for a whole 24 hours. Instead we had Cranberry Mandarin Chicken Salad, Home-made tomato soup from home-grown tomatoes, fresh home-made goat cheese, (courtesy of Mom) chess pie, and for breakfast I made a spinach and bacon Quiche. I love to cook, but since it’s usually only me, I don’t find the motivation to go through all the fan fare. Josh’s work hours keep him from sharing meals at home, so any cooking I do is usually Sunday or sometimes Tuesday. It was nice to pull out the stops and get my hostess game on.

Anyway, I’m thinking about firing up the coffee pot (my newest favorite coffee hour is between 7pm and 9:30pm) since the baby is down for the night and I can finally relax after a very long day. I’ll have to tell about our adventures today, (buying and picking up a motorcycle in a thunder-storm with a tornado watch in effect from 2 hours away in Tennessee) but I’m just too pooped to get it all out right now. Let me just say….. fun – no it wasn’t.