My BBM Journey: Day 18

I have been so busy, I just haven’t been super creative in the kitchen. Today for lunch I sauteed some fresh veggies, added a handful of whole wheat pasta and sprinkled some shredded cheese on top. Simple, delicious, economical. I try to stay away from pasta, but when I do use it I make sure it is mixed with a lot of fresh veggies and that it is whole wheat. I find that whole wheat pasta fills me up more too, all the extra fiber I’m guessing.

Anyway, I will try to get some more meal posts and recipes in soon. In the mean time, today I will be sharing last night’s beautiful evening for inspirational photos. Now that my sister is back, we have a baby sitter to watch the kids while we take our short evening motorcycle rides.  I can’t emphasize enough how awesome she is to let us slip away for 45 minutes or an hour to get some time to ourselves, even if we don’t talk much, it is nice to be together without work or kids or other distractions. These evening rides have helped off set the fact that he works 70 hours a week and I’m a 24/7 mom. Little man still bed shares, so we don’t even get night time to ourselves. Most nights hubs falls asleep on the couch and wakes up at 4:30 am for work still in the living room. So yeah, the motorcycle is really becoming a great asset to our marriage. 🙂

Last night we rode through “down town” Cadiz to get to Barkley Lake State Resort Park to scope out possible camping options for this summer.




We saw this guy doing some evening fishing on Barkley Lake.



And then we crossed the bridge just in time to catch a fantastic sunset.



What do you guys do to get away with your significant other?



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Capture Your Grief Day 31: Sunset

I am posting this a day late as last night I was busy making memories with family and friends. I have to say, it was perhaps the most appropriate way I could have ended this tender month.

When I started this project, I had the great desire to post every single day, using every subject. However, this month has been very busy, especially the weekends, and I had to skip a few days as they got away from me.

I have taken so much away from this project. I have cried and cleaned out my soul, remembered, mourned, rejoiced, freed myself of inhibitions, made friends, reflected, found strength, discovered things inside of me I had not even known were there. Not being lost on me is the irony that as I cried for my first child, I am pregnant with my last, and the cycle of living life fully while continually grieving has been an epic journey. I suspect it will not be over until I reach the distant shore of eternity. I’m ok with that.

Last night, as I spent a carefree evening with my husband and daughter and some dear friends, I kept in the back of my mind that I needed to snap a picture of the sunset. Since we were walking outside Trick or Treating, I figured it would be easy to capture a perfect picture. The evening sky was clear with just a few clouds that added to the aesthetic value and I was once again envisioning an epic photo much like the one I had envisioned at the beginning of the project. However, when the moment came to take the picture, I realized we were on the eastern side of a hill and could not see the setting sun horizon because of houses and power lines, etc. So I did the best I could, snapping a shot of the evening sky. At the moment, it did not seem very epic at all, but I wasn’t bothered as much as I had been with my sunrise shot at the beginning of this project. In that moment, I felt happy and carefree, I had the people who mattered most spending time with me and making precious memories. Perhaps the deep cleaning done to my soul has helped me more than I realize, all I know is something really is different at the end of this month compared to when October started.

Letting yourself grieve is a good thing, friends. Don’t be afraid of the memories and the tears they bring. Let yourself feel the pain, allow yourself to be hurt, admit that you have wounds. You have them anyway, acknowledging them is just the first step in the direction of healing. Denying your wounded state just keeps the wounds festering. Don’t kid yourself, they are there whether you cry or not, whether or not you acknowledge them, and most of all, they are there whether or not others acknowledge them. Grief is not to be feared, use it as a tool for healing your soul and getting stronger.

I hope each person reading this finds peace, where ever they are in their healing process, whether beginning, mid way, well into the thick of it, or maybe even having yet to encounter deep grief in your life. My hope is that you always have blessed memories being made along the way, and that you are never afraid to pull them out from time to time, even the painful ones. Every memory is precious.

Day 31: Sunset
Mt Pleasant, Tennessee, USA, about 6 pm October 31st, 2012