My BBM Journey: Day 13

I wasn’t able to post yesterday, I was just too busy to squeeze it in. As soon as Hubs got off work we took the car to get 2 new back tires which was much needed, and then it was grocery shopping and a new phone for me since little man sucked on my old one and ruined it. I mean it was just a cheap, aggravating pre-paid but it always sucks to have to spend money unexpectedly. At least I got an upgrade. I refuse to drink the “smart phone” koolaid at this point, but since the world doesn’t seem to be growing out of this texting fad, I got a phone with a full keyboard so I could at least return a text if needed without spending an hour typing with 26 letters condensed into 9 numbers.

I did fit in my workout yesterday and my shoulders are so sore, I really pushed it into hyper gear and now my upper body is aching. Upper body strength has never been my forte, but I do believe I am as strong as I’ve ever been in that department. My obliques are also feeling it, those side plank things, a.k.a. self torture moves are just brutal. Then, after that, I had to pump up the back tire on the car – with a bicycle pump – to get it down the road to the gas station to air it up the rest of the way. (Hence the need for a new tire.) THEN! While we waited for the tires to be put on, we decided to walk down the street to eat dinner. Hubby didn’t want to cross three lanes of busy traffic with the babies so we walked to the nearest place on our side that would accommodate our needs and budget, which turned out to be about 3/4 of a mile down the road. That’s a long ways when your sore arms and shoulders are carrying a 24 lb. toddler and a purse that contains everything but the kitchen sink and you’re wearing wedge sandals. So any way, I think it’s safe to say I got it done yesterday.

So, before I get today’s workout done and put week 2 in the books, I thought I’d write today’s post and do a recipe. I’m going to share with you what little man and I eat every morning for breakfast. Yup, every morning. It’s quick, filling, and delicious.


Apple Pie Oatmeal with Cranberries

1/2 cup Old Fashioned oats

1/4 cup dried cranberries

1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce

1 TBL. agave nectar

1 tsp. butter or coconut oil

dash of ground ginger

a couple dashes cinnamon


Put the oats and cranberries into a small sauce pan and just cover them with water. Bring to a simmer and cook until all standing water is absorbed(4-7 minutes) and the oats are at your preferred level of done. A little more water will make them very thoroughly cooked, and a little less water will leave them a bit chewy. While the oats are cooking, add all the other ingredients to a bowl. Add cooked oats and stir everything up together. 002

Serves: 2

Prep time: 0

Cook time: approx. 5 minutes

Calories per serving: approx. 193

Recipe cost: approx. $0.75


This recipe cuts back on sugar by letting the fruit do the heavy lifting with the sweetening. Adding the butter or coconut oil gives it a little richness, but you could totally cut out the fat and added sweetener to cut calories. I make this big bowl and feed little man and myself, it’s always more than enough to fill us both and I feel it has really fueled our morning workouts. I only just discovered agave nectar this very morning. I have been wanting to try a more natural sweetener than refined sugar and just don’t care for honey at all. I saw this bottle at Aldi and picked it up for about $2.50. I have no idea if that is an exceptionally good deal but it seemed like a fair price to me. I tasted it and found it quite yummy.


My Aldi also has 100% maple syrup and a small organic produce section. I know not every Aldi has this kind of selection, but a lot of them do. So definitely check them out if you’re working on a tight budget. For the .25 cart rental and bagging your own groceries, it is so very worth the savings.

Alrighty then, let me know what you guys think of this recipe and share your favorite breakfast with me, you know, in case I get tired of this one, which doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon. ūüôā


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There is always something to do. Tasks have a way of popping up, expected or unexpected, like a tissue from a box, except it is an ever lasting box of tissues. As soon as I wake up to the baby asking for her morning bottle I am set in motion, and by the time I take my weary self to bed there are still things that need to be done or are on the list for tomorrow or next week.

I am not complaining, I’m just stating facts. In fact, I am finding a new sensation flowing through me every time I look around to find one task done and another before me. It is actually joy and satisfaction. I’m not sure at what point these feelings replaced my overwhelming sense of tedium, I just know there is a change in me lately. I have a better attitude, or maybe more energy, or is it that once things are finally put together it is easier to stay on top of the mess. Perhaps a combination of all three. I just know that the little every day tasks don’t overwhelm me as much and the big tasks don’t seem so impenetrably daunting. Go figure.

I think a big factor is that I have lived in the same house for a full year now without moving. I know this sounds silly, but that is a huge milestone for me. This is the first time since I’ve been married that this has happened. I guess I feel like I can let my breath out because I’m still here. What’s more, despite Josh taking a new job recently, we are able to stay in Bowling Green. I can finally put¬†down some¬†roots and this has inspired my “nesting” instincts. It is hard to care about a nest you plan to fly away from in the near future. I know we won’t be at this house forever, but I’m fairly certain we’ll be here until we get a place of our own, one¬†that we can call ours, and then it won’t matter because I already know how I want to decorate and paint and arrange. I’ll be able to nest to my heart’s content!

I’ve said before, I’m a firm believer in being faithful in the least, so I am working on keeping up with what I have because I have a feeling that getting our permanent place is not too far down the road. It is the next step in our life and we’ll be moving toward it from this point.

At any rate, I’m glad for this energy, or what ever it is, that is keeping me busy. That’s what life is all about, making the moments into days and the days into years until your time on earth is done and you can look back and see the impact your tiny life had on those of other people and the world in general. It’s all about occupying.

Why We Do It

My husband is a very unique fellow. He is passionate, driven, once he sets his mind on something he gets it done no matter what. These are awesome qualities – until they are utilized inappropriately or with impatience in the mix.

Josh recently bought a Kawasaki¬†Ninja motorcycle as a second means of transportation in addition to our car. All the good points of this purchase were very plausible. Low gas mileage, less “time juggling” with not having to share the car, and best of all, more freedom for me. I no longer had the intense pressure of¬† getting him to and from work, picking him up on his break, and running daily to the grocery store to pick up stuff for the restaurant all in between my own ever-increasing tight schedule and the baby’s needs. Still, I was rather apprehensive about this purchase¬†even though we had been talking about it for months.

He had originally said he wanted a cruiser body style rather than a sport bike. In fact, he had started with a very specific price range and idea of what he wanted, but as is often the case with people, (but especially men) his idea was not materializing into a reality as quickly as he wanted, so little by little¬†he “modified” what he was looking for. His price range came up and his search began to include a wider range of possibilities. Since I know my husband, I tried to encourage him to wait for the right deal to come along, there was no rush. (I still wasn’t keen on him being on a motorcycle, it scared me.) The income tax money came in and he insisted he had found an awesome deal and he thought he should take it. There is no arguing with him when he gets to that point, but I was not quite sure. I just knew he was going to want a cruiser. This sport bike was not very big and even though¬†he did not want to race on it by any means,¬†it just didn’t feel completely right and¬†I just wanted him to be happy with his purchase.

He was happy at first. After all, it is a good bike, it’s just a sport bike and it’s not good for long trips. Being it was a smaller engine size, it was not very good for carrying two people, but that was ok because I knew I would barely ever ride with him. I’m just not into motorcycles and I have a baby.

I saw how happy he was with it those first few weeks and I was starting to see how nice it was to have the freedom of going where I wanted without worrying about him. I could now go spend the weekend with my mom and his, each a two-hour drive, and not have to rush back and pick him up or drop him at work. To be honest, I started to think this was the best decision we ever made.

However, little by little he started to get a bit discontent with it. After one trip to my mom’s on it he realized that not only was it a bit uncomfortable to ride that long, but it was so light that a passing truck on the interstate made him feel like he was floating and he felt less control at the higher speeds. He didn’t feel comfortable going 45 – 50 mph in a 70 mph zone with every one around him doing 75 and even 80. He was liable to get run over, and back roads weren’t really an option time wise.

He started to search for a different one and he posted the Ninja on Craig’s List. I was not happy about this. Since he works so much, he had to squeeze this search time into the tiny bit of time we are supposed to spend together. Every waking moment it seemed like he was glued to the computer and I have to admit, my nose was out of joint. By this time I was very attached to my new schedule and freedom, I didn’t want it to get messed up if he sold his bike and couldn’t find a different one right away.

I will leave out the month of¬† searching, price adjusting, negotiating, bickering, sulking, re-negotiating, etc. I’ll just say that by the time he found a buyer for his old bike¬†and a new bike to buy, I was ready to be done with this whole headache. I was tired of every conversation being about motorcycles.

Fast forward to yesterday  morning.

I got up at 6 am after a week of extreme busyness with my art, house cleaning, and preparing for my mom to come down for a visit. I had to pick her up, drive her down to Bowling Green to babysit for me, and drive her all the way back the very next day – not a very big deal, just a lot of driving. As I was getting ready to take her home, Josh told me he had a buyer coming to get his bike that day. (He had somehow forgotten I was taking mom back to Willisburg.) He was going to make the transaction on his break, but he would need a ride back to work. I would have to drop Mom off two hours away, have just enough time to change the baby and give her a bottle, and turn right around and get back so he could get to work. Then, the very next morning we would be driving to Tennessee to look at and purchase a different bike. After two days of being in the car, this was not the best thing I could have heard, but I wanted this to be over and I didn’t want him to be without a bike for too long, so I rushed on home.

Saturday morning,(yesterday) ¬†instead of enjoying some much-needed sleep, I was up at 6am to get the baby ready and hop in the car ….again. We had to be on the road by 7am because he had to¬†be at¬†work around noon or a little after. Faith didn’t complain much, which was a relief, she mostly went back to sleep the whole way.¬†We had to go¬†about an hour south of ¬†Nashville. The drive there wasn’t too eventful, it was raining a little when we left, but cleared up before we hit the Kentucky/Tennessee state line. We talked about stopping for some rain gear, but rather foolishly didn’t prioritize it since the weather cleared right off the bat.

The motorcycle we went to see turned out to be way out in the boon docks. A good-ol’-boy¬†¬†in a trailer home with a couple of pit¬†bulls greeted us when we pulled up. He had a little shed out back where he housed his ’98 Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster. I thought it kind of comical that everything looked a little worn out, (well-kept, just old and a bit hand-me-down) every thing, that is, except the Harley. He had put a lot¬†of custom work into it, a windshield, sissy bar, chrome, saddle bags. He was letting it go for $3,500 and all the stuff came with it, including two half¬†helmets and a leather riding jacket. The bike was in mint condition, brand new tires, it started right up – it was beautiful. I am not a motorcycle person, but I have to admit, I really liked what I saw. It was just what we were looking for, it had everything we needed, even an extra helmet – and it was a real Harley.¬†We gave the man the cash and headed back towards home just as it started to rain.

At first it was a lighter rain, but it soon became heavy and soaked Josh through. He had planned to stop at the nearest Wal-mart and get some rain gear, but by the time we were even close to one he was so wet that rain gear would not have helped in any way. There was nothing to do but ride. We didn’t know anyone in the area where we could leave the bike and pick it up later.

By the time we got back on I65 outside of Nashville the rain had subsided to a mist, but he was wet and it had to be cold. I followed close behind him to keep an eye on traffic and make sure nobody got too close. There was more traffic coming back, but since it was Saturday the regular week day traffic was not an issue. I was glad, it was bad enough. The road was very wet and there was a constant mist in the air making visibility worse. It’s never good to have to drive in the rain. I listened to the weather on the radio and they announced there was a tornado watch in effect. I thought, “Great, because this is already super safe and a piece of cake,” but I didn’t tell Josh, he had enough to worry about.

Thankfully the rain stayed light all the way through Nashville, but it started to pick up as soon as we were outside the city limits. We stopped for a rest at a gas station about 20 miles from the state line and I tried to give Faith her bottle, but it was cold and she looked at me with a look that I swear said, “Really?! I haven’t eaten for several hours, I’ve been really good, and you give me this ice-cold¬†milk? C’mon!” She didn’t cry, she just stared at me for like five seconds and wouldn’t drink it. We were running low on time, so I left her to play with it in her car seat and we¬†started to get ¬†back on the road.

The weather was really wearing on Josh, he mentioned the possibility of leaving his bike parked at the gas station and picking it up in the morning. I felt bad for him, I really did, but I was not about to let him leave such an expensive new purchase unguarded, almost fifty miles from home, at an old truck stop that had a big sign informing people that trailers left over night would be towed. I think he knew that I was right, but he was cold and soaked and when I snapped out “absolutely not!”, he got aggravated at me and huffed back to his bike. We got out of there pretty quickly, he just wanted to get home and he was going to be a little late for work.

It continued to rain pretty good all the way to the state line and beyond, but we passed Franklin and then came up on exit 20, the Natcher parkway. It was in sight, and two miles from that was the first Bowling Green exit, we were almost home. Relief and anticipation were just crowding my mind when Josh slowed and pulled off on the shoulder. He played with his bike for a minute, I thought he was just so cold he needed a break or something. We pulled back onto the interstate into traffic, went about 200 feet, and he pulled off again. He was out of gas and the previous owner must have left the reserve tank on so all the fuel was burned up instead of being able to flip a switch and have a little extra. (His motorcycle doesn’t have a gas gauge, most don’t.) We had been in such a hurry at the last stop that we didn’t even think about gassing up the bike, the car had enough gas. Now¬†we were literally in sight of a gas station and out of gas. At least I was right there with him, he didn’t have to flag down help.

You would think it was ok, we would just get gas, fill up the bike, continue on home without much delay,¬†but no. On that particular stretch of 65 between Bowling green and Franklin there are no exits. There is only about 13 miles of interstate and there isn’t even a turn around, only concrete barriers all the way down. We bought a gas can and filled it up at exit 22 and then we had to drive down to exit 9 or so, turn around, and head north to where the bike sat on the side of the road. Needless to say, by the time we finally made it home, Josh had just enough time to scramble into a hot shower to try to reverse the last 2 hours of¬† driving with icy wind chill on soaking wet clothes. He got dressed and rushed out the door, over an hour later than he’d wanted to be, but he was still able to get everything done, including the preparation of food for his employer’s engagement party.

I was so tired and mentally drained from staying alert for six hours and watching traffic in the rain and him driving home, but Faith had slept most of the time so there was no nap for me. I was finally able to fall into bed later that night when Josh got home from work and I slept like a rock.

I put a status up yesterday afternoon on Facebook. “The things a woman will do for a man are remarkable.” Why do we do these things? This is the question I asked myself over and over yesterday, but¬†it was answered by Josh himself. He looked over at me before any of this had even happened, while we were still on our way to pick up the Harley. He said, “Honey, I love you. I am only a tolerable husband because you are such a fabulous wife. Thank you for doing this for me.”

That simple acknowledgement and thank you warmed my heart and made it all worth it, all the rain, trouble, driving, silly motorcycle obsessions – all of it. Love is why we do it, why we all do it.