My BBM Journey: Day 20

Another week in the books! I am super proud to have gotten every day in this week too! Yesterday I almost talked myself into not doing it, but got it in after lunch anyway. It really is true, you never regret getting a workout done, but you can sure regret missing them.

Today’s inspirational photo is actually a short video of the first minute of today’s workout. I know many of us are reluctant to show our bodies on camera, especially publically to the world on something like this blog, but if I waited til I got to my perfect goal body, it would literally be years of missing out on capturing great little memories like this. YEARS. And you know what? This is me today. When I walk out of my house, everyone is publically going to see me anyway, so why is a camera different? (Besides the fact that it really does seem to add 5-10 lbs.)

I want to encourage you to embrace your beauty today. You are a magnificent, unique person. You are working to change the flaws and be the best you that you can be, but you will never completely get rid of every little flaw. And you know what? Most people don’t see them when they look at you anyway. In fact, I want to encourage you to see yourself today the way your small children do. My daughter walks up to me, and I’m covered in sweat, my hair is a mess, no make up, with all my mommy pooches hanging everywhere, and she says, “Mommy, you,re so beautiful.” And she pushes the hair out of my face mid plank and asks for a kiss. THAT, my friends, is who you are to the ones who love you. Don’t let the mirror lie to you. Today, with your flaws and your imperfect body and your hard work to be a better you, you are beautiful.

So, with that said I’m sharing this video of my little guy working out with me. And even though a part of me cringes at myself on camera, I am choosing to see instead the positive influence I’m having in my kids life, I see the changes my body has made thus far, the progress, I see the hard work, and I see a mom who has been to Hell and back for her kids and bears the “war wounds” of being a mom. That’s all the stretch marks, mommy pooch, extra weight, etc. are, just the war wounds of being a mom. Wounds heal. Just keep being a fantastic mom to your kids. They think you are beautiful.




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