I’m back! No, really…

Most of my readers were my Facebook friends, so they know my life got crazy while being pregnant with my 4th baby, and then after having him! Yup! I just realized I left off posting in December, just a few weeks before I found out the gender of our surprise bonus baby. Can you believe he is already 1?? And walking??!!

If you followed my blog through 2014 you watched my fitness and health journey in real time. I managed to become the healthiest, fittest me I had ever been! I stayed fit and active through my pregnancy and felt beautiful for the first time in 4 kids, and it was amazing!

Then I had my baby, and he’s awesome sauce, but life with 3 young kids was cray-cray! THEN!! I became a home school mom. THEEENNN!! I started working from home. Not my art, that was more a hobby than a business, but a serious work-from-home-every-day business.

Needless to say, I’m just over a year post partum and my body goals are far from realized. I’m learning to be gentler with myself and I’m in an amazing place mentally, emotionally, and well on my way financially! Those are great goals! I’m super happy with my progress there! But I need to focus on my fitness goals and learn to integrate them. Because let’s be honest, if I wait til I have more time to work on me, I might as well just make a tentative appointment with TLC for the next weight loss surgery show.

One thing I realized in 2014, the daily blogging truly kept me accountable. It helped me to keep track of what I was doing, gave me a reason to exercise, so I could talk about it, gave me a reason to eat healthy, so I could share pictures and recipes.  It’s not about being a famous blogger or bunches of people even reading this, it’s about writing it and being accountable.

So I welcome you to join me!! The posts will be short, I don’t have tons of time to write pages a day! They may even just be a line or 2, but I’m committing to writing a post every weekday (at least).

So without further ado, (because it’s grocery day over here and I’m filling my cart with protein and veggies and kicking out the carbs! Again!) I will leave a couple current pics and officially begin. There is no time like the present, right?


Phillip Liam born June 3, 2015. 8 lbs. 11 oz. and 19.75 inches


The most recent picture of my crew! Faith (6), Liam (1), and Gavin (3)

mid june

This is where I am right now. 1 year post baby #4, 220 lbs. and a ridiculously messy house.

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