2.0 Round 2 Day 45: Progress (In Spite of the Early Bump)

I’m going to admit right off the bat that I have been far too exhausted to do many of my “normal” chores, let alone blog very much. Today is day 45 of this challenge, and also happens to be my 9 weeks pregnant mark exactly. From here my energy is supposed to return, so we’ll see. I have missed quite a few workouts (so much for getting every single one this challenge) and have done an incredible (for me) amount of sleeping. I’m that person who normally gets maybe 5 or 6 hours of sleep at night, sometimes less if the little guy is extra kicky, and runs like that for about 3 weeks or a month before taking a short nap one day, which amps me up for another few weeks. I actually perform really well with sleep deprivation, I get oober focused and tackle even difficult tasks. So you can imagine that my normal nightly sleep as well as 2-3 hours of napping each day is A LOT of sleep for me. It also has my house looking shabby since that’s usually when I get some things done, when I don’t have my little guy under feet. But hey, the first trimester is only a short period, right? I make up for it next trimester.

That being said, I have tried to keep up with at least 5 workouts each week. Little man was sick with a fever and just wanted to be held for days this past week, so during that time my butt was pretty much glued to the couch. As for nutrition? Bleh. Nothing sounds good. Something finally sounds yummy and I quickly prepare it only to find that by the time I’m done cooking it no longer seems remotely edible. Except for mac n cheese. I know, I know, so NOT what I should be eating. At least it is home made with real cheese and the other day I made it with sauteed portobello mushrooms and spinach, you know, for the extra iron. I actually made that for breakfast. I felt kind of silly and like that cliche pregnant woman with her pickles and ice cream, but hey, that mac n cheese was the bomb. I’ve also been gravitating toward acidic things, tomato sauce, salsa, etc. Other than mac n cheese I can usually stomach scrambled eggs with a little cheddar and covered in salsa, or a breakfast burrito. This is kind of strange to me since my last pregnancy with my son was so bad, the sight of anything acidic would about make me hurl.

Thankfully I don’t really get morning sickness. I mean I get slightly queasy and food doesn’t generally sound good, but even with my son, who made me the sickest for the longest, I have yet to throw up with any pregnancy. My heart truly goes out to all the women who complain about hanging over the toilet for the first 3 months, that just seems terrible.

So, considering all this, and the fact that even though I usually don’t start showing till 12 – 13 weeks but a bump appeared over this past week at only 8 weeks, I was pretty surprised to find my weight has dropped and my measurements are either the same or better, even in my mid section. Take that mac n cheese craving!!

round 2 day 45


So, since day 1 of this second round of 2.0 I am down 1.4 lbs. and a total of 11.75 inches. I’m really motivated and excited to make this the fittest pregnancy yet. My original goal this year was to burst into my 30s looking and feeling fabulous and while I will have just delivered my 4th baby just a few months before my 30th birthday, I still hope to make that a reality. Of course, it’s usually that 3rd trimester complacency that gets me, so all the more reason to stay consistent and keep at this.







Day 1 of this second round of 2.0 and today, day 45

Day 1 of this second round of 2.0 and today, day 45


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