2.0 Round 2 Day 33: First Trimester Fatigue and Listening To Your Body

Well, it happened. Yesterday I just couldn’t find the get up and go to do the workout. I didn’t do it first thing in the morning because I knew I had to walk to the bank and the store and was trying to conserve my energy. It was just a very draining day, which I guess I had coming to me because the first 2 days this week were filled with productivity and energy and rainbows and unicorns. And then Wednesday I felt the tired creeping in,and by yesterday I could barely crawl out of bed and found myself back in for a long nap. Needless to say I will be glad when this stage of pregnancy is past. I am a morning person and I like to get stuff done and stay busy. Sleeping so  much just makes me feel incredibly lazy, which I know I need it a little extra these days, but it still makes me feel lazy.

The kids have also been sick, which I guess it’s good that it’s Fall break, at least my girl doesn’t have to miss school, but I’ve been up more through the nights checking on them and treating fevers and losing sleep. So yeah, not trying to make excuses,but this is my life right now and I’m trying to listen to my body and not over do it. I am highly sensitive to stress while pregnant, my body has physically manifested everything from dramatic weight loss to strange skin rashes even as my mind is telling me everything is ok, so I have learned to ignore feelings of laziness and just get the extra sleep. I stay healthier. In fact, I tell new moms all the time who are over tired but still wanting to workout and get their bodies back, if you have to choose between a workout or getting some sleep for those first 6 months, take the sleep. Your body heals and repairs when you are sleeping and all the workouts in the world will not help if your body is over stressed and still healing, in fact it can actually do the opposite, retain fat due to the stress. So of course this rule also applies to growing another human being inside you.

All that being said, I plan to do today’s workout as usual, but where I have doubled up before to make up missed days, I think the best thing is going to be just do the days I can and if one gets missed, so be it. I doubled up the other day and had to end up skipping several exercises. It was a bit much. Since my hubby Is out on the road all week and the only day I really get the car for grocery shopping and such is Saturday, I believe I will just be striving for 5 days a week instead of six. I run around enough on Saturday it can at least count as a half workout. So there you have it, in the spirit of honesty and accountability. I am just figuring this out as I go, keep that in mind, and every one is different. The key is knowing yourself and knowing when to push and when you have hit your limit.

Hey, on another note, I finally drank the smart phone Koolaide. (I know, I know, I’m super late to this game.) So, you can follow me on Instagram if you like, @natasiachampion85. That is the main reason I switched to a smart phone, having a camera handy for all the everyday moments. My DSLR isn’t exactly the most handy thing for when the kids are being candid or when I’m out and about. So, if you are into that, feel free to follow me there. 🙂



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  1. Rest is your friend! Be nice!!

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