My BBM Journey: Day 15

Day 15, the much anticipated/dreaded weigh in and remeasure day.

I woke up optimistic this morning. My clothes have been fitting better and I thought surely I had lost a pound or 2 at the least. No such luck. In fact, I had gained a pound and a half. I know we aren’t supposed to get hung up on the scale, but I have been busting my butt and some day, some sweet day I would like to see my self edging toward under 200lbs. It has been a long stinkin’ time. I know it’s possible, I have been there before, I can get there again, I know I can, but it seems no matter how hard I work I stay stalled between 209 and 212. Very frustrating.

I was so discouraged in fact that I almost didn’t take the measurements, but I rallied and thought that maybe if I saw even half an inch or an inch lost, maybe that would help. So I measured with greatly lowered expectations and when I compared them to day 1 I was floored to see I had lost a total of 9 INCHES! I did a happy dance. I don’t think I lost a total of 9 inches the whole first 90 day challenge at the beginning of this year, let alone by day 15.

So here’s to all the mommies who, like me, are not seeing a change on the scale. Just keep going. Keep doing the work outs, keep eating right, keep hydrating, because something is changing, if not the scale then your measurements, or your strength, or your energy level, or your mood, but SOMETHING is changing. You are changing. And it isn’t an over night thing. It is a long, hard, powerful journey, but you have to enjoy the dance and just keep going. Don’t stop, don’t get discouraged. Don’t let the scale trick you. You are beautiful and the fact that you are working to improve in any capacity is something remarkable to be proud of.

day 1 and 15 measures




What is BBM?

Bikini Body Mommy, a movement led by Briana Christine, and you can find out more at

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