My BBM Journey: Day 11

Day 11. I was busy early yesterday with an appointment and then I had company, and by the time the afternoon rolled around, I just couldn’t find the pep to get my workout in. I could have done it in the evening, but since our computer doubles as our TV and the hubs was home from a long day at work, I couldn’t take his relaxation time away, so I doubled up this morning and did yesterday and today’s workouts all in one shot. Man! Kicked my butt too, but I felt good to be staying as honest and true to the challenge as I could.



My sister is back home for a week, so I missed my sweat partner, but I get her back next week, so I’m looking forward to that and keeping it in high gear.

My hubby recently got a motorcycle and this one happens to be wife friendly, in that the passenger seat is very comfortable and designed for longer trips. I have never been a motorcycle enthusiast, I certainly can’t drive one, and I don’t even have a tattoo (yet) but I have been LOVING the little evening rides I’ve been able to take with him. Maybe it is the fresh air, maybe it’s the fact that I can hug him for more than two seconds before a little body pushes in between us and jealously yells, “He’s MY Daddy!!” At any rate, it’s been great.



Kentucky has some really beautiful scenery, just about anywhere you go there is something interesting or quaint or lovely to see. The back seat of the motorcycle is a great place to see the sights and I usually take my camera with me when we ride.

023We live within minutes of Land Between the Lakes and often find ourselves driving near or over the water of Barkley or Kentucky lake. On this particular ride we didn’t get far before realizing I had brought my expensive DSLR but not the camera bag and a thunderstorm was heading right for us. I still got a shot or two of one of Barkley Lake’s many coves.


So get out and get some fresh air, friends, however that may be, with  the kids, or with your  significant other, or even just by yourself. Have your morning coffee on the back porch and watch the sun come up, or take a walk and watch the sun set, or lay out under the full moon and count stars. Don’t underestimate the power of the outdoors, the calming effect of nature when you take time to observe. It’s ok to waste 5 minutes watching that bird looking for a worm from your kitchen window, or watching that squirrel try to find that nut he hid last fall. Take time to watch the sun glinting off the lake water, or count all the rustic old barns you see on a stretch of highway, and just enjoy the every day little things we tend to take for granted in our busy world. I promise, it will do your soul good, it will make you smile, and you know what they say, laughter is the best medicine, so I’m pretty sure smiling is a close second.


What is BBM?

Bikini Body Mommy, a movement led by Briana Christine, and you can find out more at

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