Capture Your Grief Day 8: Jewelry

I’m not much of a jewelry wearing person, never really have been. I love earrings of all shapes and sizes, and I wear my wedding set of course, but beyond that I don’t usually wear many pieces of jewelry on a regular basis. I’ll slip on a necklace when it’s cool, usually a unique beaded creation from , I hate wearing things on my neck when it’s hot, it makes me feel strangled.

However, I do have a bracelet I used to wear every day, even to bed sometimes. I only stopped wearing it so often because the delicate inscription on the metal heart is beginning to show the wear of just rubbing against my skin, it has started to fade a bit. I received the bracelet as a gift from my mom in law while Skye was in the NICU. ¬†At this point, Skye had actually seemed to be improving and we were all very optimistic. I still remember the day clearly when my mom in law handed me the little box with the leather bracelet and shiny, silver metal accents. On one side of the thin, delicate heart was inscribed “Skye 9-25-08” her name and birthday. On the other side was one simple word, “Mommy”. I remember being so touched. I was Skye’s Mommy. I had been through hell and unknowingly had much more hell to go through, I had not even held my baby girl, but I was her mommy.

She passed away just days later.

The other most important bit of jewelry that I wear all the time and associate with Skye has double importance. It is a pair of earrings with 2 crystal gems, one is Skye’s birthstone and the other is my rainbow baby’s, Faith’s. I got them for Christmas one year after we lost Skye. Faith’s story is very remarkable, I’ve touched on it a couple of times but I’m not sure I’ve ever written out how amazing this little girl has been and how uniquely she came into our lives. Maybe when I’m done with this month of grieving in blog form I will tell her story in its entirety to demonstrate the power of hope that can work even in the face of tragedy. Faith’s story is intertwined with Skye’s, I truly don’t think I would have Faith if Skye had not passed. At any rate, it is very fitting that those birthstones sit together and frequently adorn my ears. My girls are precious gifts and I’m reminded of how special each of them are when I put that set on.

Day 8: Jewelry
These precious items are always associated with my angel when I wear them,